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Sports World is Nigeria's No. 1 Sports & Fitness kits / Equipment retail company.
Gym: Treadmill, Dumbbell, Spin Bike, Trampoline, Ab rocket, Elliptical
Training & Exercise: Snooker, Table Tennis, Table Soccer
Sports Kits: Sports Shoes, Tracksuit, Sneakers, Balls, Lawn Tennis Racket and more

Sports World Nigeria is a sports and fitness retail chain located in most modern malls in Nigeria.
Since 1986, we have been helping you keep fit and healthy.
Always visit our page to get tips on how to lose weight and keep fit.
We also have updates on what products we have available.

Always wear the appropriate and properly-fitted sports gear during exercise. This can help avoid minor and serious injuries.
Make sure you have the right equipment and are wearing it for gym, practices and games.
The right equipment may include helmets, shin guards, mouth guards, ankle braces and shoes with rubber cleats.
Invest in your body. Stay fit! Stay Healthy!!

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Featured Sports Kits / Equipment

  • Ellipticals

    Alot of people suffer from bone and joint conditions, such as ligament tears, osteoporosis and arthritis. Those suffering from such ailments can benefit from the Spin Bike & Elliptical Machine because it does not place a lot of impact on joints because your feet stay still on the gliding platforms, there is no impact. This makes the elliptical a safer exercise option for a variety of people.

    Sporst World Nigeria / fitness equipment

  • Are you looking for for quality and long-lasting shoes for sports? Then you have not tried Skechers. Skechers shoes are made for quality and durability, perfect for sports training and exercise.

    Sports World Nigeria / Sports Kits

  • Instead of outdoors, exercising with the treadmill avoids some of the drawbacks that may discourage you from exercising. Worries about the weather, environment or outdoor air quality are totally cut off, which is an important consideration if you have asthma or seasonal allergies. With a home treadmill, you can enjoy the freedom of exercising anytime you wish!

    Sports World Nigeria / fitness equipment

  • You will realize that your neck hurts when working out or doing crunches. But the Ab rocket Twister stabilizes and supports your neck and back, works the oblique stomach muscles using the twisting motion, has padded sections that make it comfortable, has 3 levels of resistance to make you progressively stronger and only needs a few minutes everyday to work!

    Sports World Nigeria / fitness equipment

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